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Investing tips PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wang Zen   
Sunday, 07 October 2007
Some unsolicited investing tips:

You can buy gold and silver coins directly from the US Mint. I recommend the American Buffalo Gold coins and the American Eagle Silver Proof coins:
US Mint:

Want to make 12%? You can buy World Currency CD's from Everbank: You need $10,000, though. The Icelandic Krone CD is paying 12%, but the overall value may fluctuate against the US dollar. My bet is the US dollar falls - alot.

Don't have $10,000? Everbank also pays something like 5% in an interest bearing checking account or savings account. Why the hell are you at your local bank! Join the 21st century and get an online account! (I have both types of accounts, btw).

I use Tradeking for the buying and selling of stocks and stock options:
Only $4.95/trade - cheap!
XSVCash PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wang Zen   
Monday, 24 September 2007

XSVCash is a new program that I've just joined that seems to hold a lot of promise. I believe this program was started in June and is very similar to CashCrate in that it has a very generous referral program. Here are some details:

  • XSVCASH is FREE TO JOIN!!! Unlike other websites, they don't charge any fees to join.
  • $3.00 Sign-up bonus. $10 Minimum Payout. Only $7 to earn to reach payout! Receive payouts by PAYPAL or CHECK!
  • Earn more money in commissions by referring others with your own personal referral link.
  • Referral downline goes 5 levels deep. LVL1(20%) LVL2(10%) LVL3(5%) LVL4(3%) LVL5(1%)

 Like I've posted before, it's my belief that the real money is made in referrals. In fact, these sites have it built into the system in order to spread their programs through viral marketing. While for some people, it's sufficient to fill out survey offers and get a couple hundred dollars that way, but the real money comes from having hundreds (if not thousands) of referrals. Imagine having a thousand people in your 1st level of referrals, all active, all filling out surveys. If each of those people just fill out the minimum for the monthly payout, then that is $10,000 per month right there.

From my experience, though, out of all the people you sign up, about 10-25% remain active.  So, let's take that 1,000 people you signed up, 25% would be 250 active referrals. If they all just did the minimum of $10, then that would be $2,500. Per month. If that is your goal, you now have a number to strive for given these assumptions. The only question after that is: what will you have to do in order to generate that number.

How will you reach that 1,000th referral? 


CashCrate referrals: the way to big $$$ PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wang Zen   
Sunday, 23 September 2007

CashCrate , XSVCash and some GPT (Get Paid To) sites have a referral incentive program that pays you a percentage of what your referrals make. CashCrate has a %20 payout for 1st level referrals (people you sign up) and 10% for 2nd level (The people who sign up under the 1st level referrals. I've asked the folks that are out there making the $2,000+ checks from CashCrate and the two I asked said most of their money is from referrals. The way they get referrals is through posting their link, with information about the programs on discussion boards, their own websites and responding to discussions by others. They also do article marketing on sites like .


Basically, they treat it like a business, and if you want to make that sort of money, then you should too.  They create a plan for success by outlining the steps it will take to acheive their goals, and then they walk the steps. For instance, your goal may be to generate $1,000/month in residual income (from the efforts of your referrals) and $300/month from filling out offers on your own. What would that take? A posting on a discussion board a day for 100 days? Filling out 10 offers on CashCrate or XSVCash? Probably both.  The key is having a plan. Most people don't have a plan. They look at the checks that people are generating, but then flail about, not knowing exactly what to do. They tell a few people about it, make a discussion posting or two - then give up.  

Well, that's common, and I almost gave up myself, but I thought about it some more, came up with a plan, and am now working the plan - with results. I have 42 referrals on CashCrate, and am starting a big promotion next week. My goal is to reach the next level of payouts on CashCrate, which means signing up 8 more people which will bring me to the next level. At that level I will then make 25% on 1st level referrals and 15% on second level. I think I will reach that soon. Long term I would like to make at least $4,000/month from CashCrate and XSVCash referrals. At that point I willquit my job and move on to other projects, volunteering my time to projects I believe in and other goals.

I have a lot of methods for generating referrals, so I am currently putting together an ebook regarding this subject. I am not finished yet, but when complete I will offer it for free to those that signup under me. Unlike some of the ebooks out there, it won't have a trash list of yahoo discussion boards, but real information on active boards that generate referrals and other methods that are equally as effective. They are working for me, and I'm sure they will work for you. So, sign up under me and get ready to receive some REAL advice on CashCrate, XSVCash and other GPT sites!



Last Updated ( Sunday, 23 September 2007 )
Blogging for $$$ PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wang Zen   
Wednesday, 22 August 2007
Blogging for $$$ is a big topic, and has a well-beaten path to the nirvana of blogging for a living. There are tons of folks making bank on this concept, and a site that wants to help you make money is a site called  This guy is considered an online mogul, making tens of thousands of $$$ per month. And, lucky for you, he wants to help you make money online as well with a moneymaking ebook he offers in exchange for your email address.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 22 August 2007 )
Cashcrate: tips and tricks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wang Zen   
Thursday, 16 August 2007

Here are some additional tips to make the most out of using CashCrate:

  • Get Roboform . It's a free program that you can use to fill-in the most common registration fields such as "First Name", "Last Name", "Date of birth", etc. It makes it so much easier when filling out forms.
  • Get an additional email address just for filling out offers. You can get an additional email address through Yahoo or Gmail .  The reason is that these accounts get spammed to death. You need to check them for certain offers that require you to respond back via email, so it has to be one that is legitimate. Please note that you should sign up for CashCrate using your regular email for special messages they send out. I never receive spam from CashCrate under my signup email address.
  • Sometimes it is more profitable to do the sites that are $1 or less. Typically they only require that you register. Some of the higher paying offers make you go through several hoops before you can submit the offer for payment. With Roboform it takes me 10 seconds to fill out and submit the typical $1 or less offer.
  • I always sift through the offers using the dropdowns for "100% free" and then by "Payout." That way I don't need to subscribe to anything, or pay $$$ and remember when to unsubscribe from magazines I do not want.
  • Referrals are where the money is at. I've calculated how much a person can average doing just the offers, and it seems about $12/hr on a high-speed connection using Roboform and a single PC. With multiple PCs your average may vary, but the higher rates that people are getting MUST be from referrals. How do you get referrals? Simple, post your referral link in areas that allow it to be posted: Discussion boards, blogs (like this one) , printed flyers, newspaper ads, buying ads on other websites - you know, marketing?
  • Get an additional phone number for offers. They will call, especially the insurance offers.

Interested in hearing more? Signup under my CashCrate referral link: and I will send out a tip sheet with more detail on how to make the most with Cashcrate . I am also working on a comprehensive  ebook on how to promote CashCrate most effectively. Once you are signed up under me you will be on my list to receive this free.
How to make $8 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wang Zen   
Thursday, 26 July 2007

I just wanted to let you know about this amazing survey and offer program, Cashcrate!
The minimum payout is $10, which is easy to reach.

Cashcrate will pay you 8 dollars to sign up with Ebay. The only thing is that for that offer you need a credit/debit card. You can get a prepaid card at RiteAid or Walgreen's.

After you sign up, you just need to make a bid. The trick though, is to make a bid on a really expensive item that is starting out at a low price. For example, you could make a bid on an iPhone. Usually, the iPhone goes for like $600+, however, find one with a starting bid of like $10, so make the bid and you will quickly be outbid by someone else. That's it! 8 dollars for doing hardly anything.

Also, there are a lot of surveys that pay you .50 for participating, which means basically filling out a out the first two pages of the survey (you don't need to fully complete those!). With the form filling software, Roboform, I can do that in less than 10 seconds. Roboform is completely free, and it can fill in your address, birthday, etc. at  The only thing about filling in these forms is that you may want to make a new email address so that your actual email address doesn't get spam!

So, Click here and try it: Cashcrate.

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